One benefit of playing in an online casino is that you can claim different kinds of bonuses. Top casinos offer bonuses to keep existing players and absorb new ones. In this article, we will explain some bonuses top casinos offer players. You can also check out some of the best online casinos on onlinecasino-canada .

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Before we explain the types of online casino bonuses, we would like to point out that casino bonuses are grouped into two categories. These categories are the no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. These two broad categories encompass all the various types of casino bonuses we will be discussing in the course of this article.

  1. Loyalty Rewards
  2. Welcome Bonus
  3. Match Bonus
  4. Reload Bonus
  5. Free spins

No deposit bonuses are rewards that are given to players in an online casino to increase their chances of winning big. Also, what makes this bonus type unique is that players do not have to deposit into their casino accounts before they can claim this bonus. However, the opposite is the other bonus category.

Bonuses - Welcome Bonus

For every organization, the goal is to keep the existing customers as well as onboarding new players. The Welcome bonus is the bonus used by online casinos to welcome new players. Another name for this bonus is "the bonus upon sign-up". When you sign up with the casino, you'll be given a percentage off on your first deposit.

In addition to this, free spins can also be given to you on games. Also, some online casino offers the welcome bonus as no deposit bonus while other offers it has a deposit bonus. Mostly, the welcome bonus is a form of the match bonus except that it is centred towards new players.

Match Casino Bonus

A match casino bonus is a bonus you can claim when you deposit money in an online casino. The amount deposited into your casino account must be the minimum amount specified by the casino before you can qualify for this bonus. Also, the casino rewards you with a percentage of this amount in your account.

You can also use the percentage given back to wager on any other games of your choice. But, wagering on other games depends on the rules of the bonus. The percentage slash given to the players is dependent on the generosity of the casino. Also, a casino low house edge is the best bet.

Bonuses - Free Spin

A free spin is another type of casino bonuses online operators offers its players. For example, an online casino can offer a welcome bonus as free spin and match bonus. Mostly, free spins are always attached to other bonuses. Players can enjoy free rounds on games such that they can get a replay if they lose out.

  • There are bonus terms and conditions for all casino bonuses.
  • Bonus terms and conditions have wagering requirements.

Free spins are bonuses used on video slot games. You get more game rounds for free when you lose out on the first round. They are also completely free. Wagering money will not be deducted from your casino account when you have free spin. For instance, a player can be rewarded free spins in a Starburst game.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

One important factor players need to consider before going ahead to claim a bonus is the bonus terms and conditions. The online casino has designed some conditions that players need to meet before they can sign up for a bonus. Also, the bonus terms and condition is always listed on the casino website.

Some of the bonus terms and condition include the wagering requirements of the bonus as well as the game restriction. Also, the wagering requirement is the number of times a player can deposit before claiming that bonus. The wagering requirement is written in front of the bonus. For instance, a casino can offer players 10x their wager.